Land preservation.

Azienda Agricola Debbione is a young company, born from generational change in an area with a particularly favorable microclimate: the altitude of about 400 metres and the breeze coming from the sea makes the climate dry and sunny without mists and humidity stagnation.

Federico's enthusiastic drive supported by the joint efforts of his family, gave substance to a a productive reality capable of being profitable while respecting quality and the natural habitat in the steadfast search for harmony between man and the environment.

The recovery of the farm land, a hillside of about 10 hectares, began in 2014. The olive grove covers about 3 hectares and is populated with the best olive varieties, “Frantoio”, a cultivar that produces an oil unmatched for its organoleptic and taste properties, “Moraiolo”, with a distinctive fruity flavor, “Pendolino”, delicate and fragrant, with hints of almond and slightly bitter and spicy nuances and Leccino, a very rustic, indigenous plant from Tuscany, which yields the oil with the highest content in polyphenols. The business was then enriched with snail farming, which now has 36 enclosures taking up 1 hectare of ground, and with the production of saffron, the show-piece of the farm’s land, which is perfect for this cultivation in terms of exposure and soil texture. The farm has its own laboratory for packaging saffron and olive oil.
Processing, packaging and sales are carried out in compliance with the procedures of the HACCP Protocol for monitoring the products’ hygiene and healthyness, with maximum respect for the consumer.

Diversified and quality productions, providing income, value and multifunctionality to a farm that proudly strives to preserve and maintain the vitality of an important territory.